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EWTN: Catholic Answers Live

Gjennom vårt program samarbeid med EWTN sender St Rita Radio programmet "Catholic Answers Live".

Programmet er et innringer program der lytterene kan stille alle mulige spørsmål om vår tro.

  • 39:18 - You talking about kicking your son to the curb brought up some old wounds about my parents. It didn’t strike me quite right. Can you talk through why you ultimately did it?

  • 42:26 - Can I spiritually adopt my daughter and granddaughter who are atheists?

  • 45:57 - As an older single adult, I’ve found it difficult to be alone. I just wanted to comment that there is a whole group of people that I feel people should remember.

  • 49:18 - Could you go into more detail about the exorcism prayers you were talking about? Do you have to be in a state of grace to say them?

  • 51:10 - Can you talk about adopting/praying for your own siblings? How do you reach out to them and help them get back to faith when they don’t want to listen to you?

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